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You want your children to be happy. But in a ruthless and efficient education system like Singapore, mistakes cost your children marks in an exam. Why not let your children enjoy learning from their mistakes and rise to the top of their class while they’re at it…

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After my daughter failed her CA1 and did badly for SA1 Maths, I was pretty desperate as it was just 4 months until PSLE. She was not improving in her classroom setting tuition center and I was advised to look for a 1-1 tutor instead. When I first spoke to Shao Yang, he took time to understand my gal’s challenges, her activities in school and also my expectations. He set out to design a learning program catered to my gal which was to strengthen her confidence and taught her the techniques to work through complex problems. He gave us constant feedback on how my gal was coping, areas that needed more attention, but most impressively, he was able to give us reassurance that a ‘B’ is achievable. This overall approach really helped to reduce the stress that we were facing and true to his prediction-my gal did score a ‘B’ and went to her ideal school. Thank you Shao Yang!

- Mrs Cheong

Dear parents & students, We would like to commend Mr Cai Shaoyang for his dedication and inspiration in teaching our son. In a short span of 7 months, Shaoyang enabled our child to improve his math score from a B grade to A* grade in prelims and A grade for PSLE. Even though the 2019 Math PSLE paper was tough and challenging, our son managed to remain calm and was able to finish the paper. With strong recommendation

-Mr & Mrs Cher.

My son, Vignesh Palani, was a student of Fairfield Methodist School Primary. I engaged tutor Shaoyang for his maths when Vignesh entered P5 in 2019. Prior to this my son had been inconsistent in his maths results in P3 and P4. He's biggest challenges were understanding word problems in paper 2 and felt rather discouraged not being able to solve them. Shaoyang was not only able to show my son how to solve the challenging word problems but he instilled in him the confidence to tackle and think. This in fact increased his confidence in approaching difficult questions. ......

- Pal